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Anat Yachin, 28, Oranit


Anat Yachin, 28, Oranit

I feel sexy when I look in the mirror and I like what I see. Looking good is important to me. I’m a woman, before anything else. The words “with disabilities” are just an add-on. Like every woman, I have needs and a fantasy about being with a partner and having a sex life. Sadly, there is almost no social acceptance of people with disabilities in terms of a beauty ideal. Society doesn’t see us as sexy, as objects of attraction. I, of course, believe that each body is special in its own way. In recent years refreshing changes are taking place, there is increasing acceptance of these “imperfect” people as sexual beings. For example, lingerie manufacturers are casting male and female models with various disabilities. That makes me happy, but it’s not enough. There’s still a long and significant way to go, society is still very stigmatizing, but I see change coming.

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