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The Secret Postcard

The Secret Postcard project is Freshpaint’s flagship social project. It offers over 1,300 original postcard-size artworks by renowned artists and designers, as well as young artists and students, for sale. All the postcards are offered for a uniform price of 190 ILS each, and anonymously. 

Only after the purchase can the buyers discover the identity of the artist behind the work they have chosen.


This year, we are collaborating with Arison Campus of the Arts – School of the Arts, Tel Aviv. All proceeds from the project will be dedicated to the continuity of the art studies in the school, and to providing support for the school’s students arriving from disadvantaged backgrounds, allowing them to realize their unique talents, in a contribution to a true narrowing of social gaps.

We are also pleased to partner this year with mako website, who will exclusively offer all the postcards for direct online purchase.


Along the years, around 9,000 postcards have been sold via this project, including works by international artists Jake and Dinos Chapman, Haim Steinbach and Ron Arad. Over 1.5 million ILS were raised in this way, to help children from disadvantaged families take part in art programs.


We thank all postcard purchasers. Thanks to you, we were able to raise more than 200,000 ILS this year to promote art studies at the school and to support students from low-income families. See you next year!

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