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Ayala Tzur

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Ayala Tzur

“Earthy” is a series of works inspired by the natural stratification of the Israeli landscape. The earthy clays, in their natural color and texture, some are combined with delicate embroidery to create an encounter between traditional colors, materials and crafts through which magic is concealed.  Works are made on a potter's wheel and burned at a temperature of 1220 °, by a special technique of layers upon layers, which creates a rich texture of stratification, presented as a ripple of water whose movement froze in time. I am Ayala Tzur, Ceramic artist. Through my quest in the world of ceramics, I paved a path which combines all my worlds of inspiration: textiles, goldsmithing, archeology and more, through which I create and express my personal language.


Instagram: ayala_tzur

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