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Dana Aloni, 22, Kadima


Dana Aloni, 22, Kadima

Most of the time, I find my disability difficult. It’s hard for me to look in the mirror and see that I look different compared to the way I perceive myself, it’s hard for me when I do something and I screw up and don’t succeed, every time I have to ask friends or strangers for help, and with all the things that I will never be able to be. Since my disability is noticeable, it’s always there like the elephant in the room that no one talks about. From what I know, and from my experience, the disability was not a factor that influenced attraction. I believe that before I’m ‘a person with disabilities’ I am first and foremost a woman. From the very first, when I started out in the dating world and with men, I felt beautiful and sexy even if I wasn’t completely confident. I knew that I was bringing myself as an equal among equals, as one of two. In recent years I’m in a loving and respectful relationship, and over time I’ve come to accept myself and the disabilities that come with me. It’s sometimes a long and painful process, but without feeling sexy, I don’t think a relationship can work.

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