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Eliran Golan, 39, Bat Yam


Eliran Golan, 39, Bat Yam

My looks will always draw attention. No matter where I go, I stand out everywhere. In terms of attraction, I think I always had this thing that women are either very drawn to me or curious about me, or the exact opposite – really put off, as if they were being exposed to something disgusting. It seems that albinos have always been perceived by society either as something very special and intriguing or as monstrous, shocking. Happily, I think that in recent years the world is moving more toward accepting the other, the different. There are more campaigns and awareness of people with disabilities and not just as a gimmick. The beauty ideal is changing a bit. Today people strive for a different and special type of beauty. People get tattoos, piercings, color their hair… anything it takes to be special. I think people with albinism are in some ways endowed with a gift – we are born unique.

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