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Gili Shahar

Artists' Greenhouse

Gili Shahar

Graduate of the Textile Design department at Shenkar College. Exhibited at the Design Week in New York in 2019. At the core of Shahar’s work is a dialogue between each layer of fabric as well as between the fabric and the person holding the scissors. With sheets of cloth woven using a Jacquard machine, Shahar creates separations – from image, from a grasp at beauty or from memory – as she provides the spectator with an experience of transience and transformation. By cutting strings in an intuitive yet calculated manner, the pattern changes before the spectator’s eyes and a new image emerges. The fabric invites the viewer to recreate it and generate within it a new inner logic. The works’ inherent pace and reason are a perfect embodiment of the very idea of weaving, both materially and conceptually.

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