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Inbal Limor Pfeffer

Artists' Greenhouse

Inbal Limor Pfeffer

Graduate of HaMidrasha, Musrara, the Open University and SFS Sweden. Had  solo exhibitions at Arthouse NY and in Italy and participated in group exhibitions at Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture, Surpress Nottingham, the Teder and Hanina Contemporary Art Gallery. Participated in events such as the Kola Shel HaMila Festival, Eclectica Kala, Nisoii Kelim Festival, Balabasta and many more. Limor Pfeffer’s work is often born out of a combination of material, emotion and character. She is interested in the ability to convey an emotional and external world through form, color and texture. Most of her works are motivated by the desire to create characterization, whether figuratively or abstractly. The characters she depicts correspond to her autobiographical world and yet refer to archetypal characters which represent motherhood, femininity or masculinity. Limor Pfeffer strives to delineate the boundaries of these characters while confronting them with contemporary perceptions, which are sometimes mixed with dark humor. In her latest series of works she focuses on shifting states of consciousness, pausing to consider the moment of change and the crossing of the thin line between imagination and reality, whether through religious or psychedelic experiences or physiological transformation. By mixing a variety of materials and techniques, she explores the proximity of the inner and outer worlds. Most of her work is based on a combination of figurative oil painting and non-traditional materials taken from folk art, shamanism and the “simple remnants of life”.

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