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Joanna Jones

Artists' Greenhouse

Joanna Jones

BFA graduate from Shenkar and MFA graduate from Bezalel. Made the Dean’s List during her undergraduate studies and earned a full scholarship from the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation as part of the Bezalel Residency Program. Participated in group exhibitions at Gordon Gallery 2, the Petach Tikva Museum, Gabirol, Herzl 140, Tel Aviv Artists’ House, Haifa University, the Artists’ Studios and more. Jones’ work begins with an act of foraging, thus she functions as a poetic archivist of remains, relics and moments-‘the story’s’ extract, it’s abstraction. She observes her surroundings with wonder and curiosity, whether they be the open spaces of nature or the urban expanse. Her practice sanctifies the mundane, she use what is considered unusable, finding life in what has already dried out. Her hands arrange, weave and find the order or renewed growth of her collected items. Each work receives deliberate and specific care, sometimes using a rough touch of a handyman and sometimes the delicate attention of hands skilled in ancient artisanal handicrafts. In the series Wall Flow(er), Jones creates installations from pieces of organic materials and using a pencil, draws their shadows on the plaster wall surface on which they are pricked. In this way she documents the physicality of ephemeral substances, validating them and giving them space.

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