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Maiyan Ben Yona

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Maiyan Ben Yona

Maiyan specialize in porcelain work, creating both decorative and practical ceramicware. All products are hand made using a variety of techniques: potters wheel, slip casting, and surface work. The products are hand decorated with a range of different patterns and designs inspired from different cultures, together they create a new language. These decorations are painted on colored utensils using a variety of bright and soft colors that blend together creating an array of unique patterns. The colors and patterns are painted on a series of products characterized by clean and precise lines blending in with each other and providing a stage for the colors and patterns.  All these together create a collection enabling a variety of endless combinations and options. By using in a special painting technique, the studio create ceramic ware and pottery that has gentle surfaced textures, both mat and glossy and this brings depth and uniqueness to the products

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