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Mika Barr

Design Greenhouse

Mika Barr

Mikabarr’s collection is made of screen-printed fabrics, designed and hand printed in Barr’s studio, near Tel Aviv.  Connecting Tissue series is constructed through several actions of unraveling and printing. In some works the fabric is printed prior to its unraveling, and is then reconstructed to create a look that is similar to traditional Ikat weaves, or a delicate embroidery. In the golden works, the image is created by unraveled threads along with printing paste, forming a piece that looks both ancient and nature-made. The wall panels and lumbar pillows are made of textiles that are printed on their inner side, and form a unique embossed surface that goes beyond standard two dimensionality. While the patterns consist of triangles, the overall look is nature inspired.

Instagram: mikabarr9

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