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Noa Ironic

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Noa Ironic

BFA Graduate from Shenkar. Participated in group exhibitions in Rosenfeld Gallery, Tchotchke Gallery New York, Hozot Gallery and in Charlottenborg Kkunsthalle in Copenhagen. She is the recipient of an academic excellence award. Ironic’s works touch on everything she is interested in: gender representation, sexuality, death and emotions, as well as sentences and situations which echo in her head. Her artworks exist on the axis between playful and depressive, humorous and macabre, wretched and stoic. In the series exhibited here, Ironic continues her engagement with horses. For her, riding and the death of horses are appropriate representations of her emotions. Alongside the horses are ridiculous masculine figures, placed in embarrassing situations of falling and losing control. The dissonance between the horses, which preserve their nobility during the ride but also as they fall, and the wretched, clumsy, pathetic male riders, marks the collision between man and animal, the artificial and the natural. This disparity emphasizes the predetermined failure to domesticate, tame and control something that is wild and timeless.

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