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Samantha Menuha Bronstein, 25, Beit Shemesh


Samantha Menuha Bronstein, 25, Beit Shemesh

Sexuality is something that is not entirely clear to me. I grew up in a Haredi environment, where the word was not even in the vocabulary. When I decided to forego Haredi life, I went through a long process of research. First of all, coming out as a lesbian woman. As time went on, I understood that the whole thing with attraction depends on my relationship with my body. I think reaching a place of acceptance of the disabled body has an impact both internally and externally. I don’t feel sexy as a person with disabilities but that’s one of the things to which I aspire. I believe that the more whole I am with the body, my desire to express the sexuality in me will grow. If I currently emphasize the parts of myself that I like, such as the eyes and hair, in the future I would like to feel sexy with the body parts that I have trouble with, such as my legs. Not as the only aspiration, but out of a desire to empower my love of self and to feel self-confident in every possible sense.

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