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Vital Zinger, 32, Rishon Letzion


Vital Zinger, 32, Rishon Letzion

There’s a positive change in society, which is increasingly seeing and relating to sexy people with disabilities in a legitimate and matter of fact way and not as a gimmick or as charity. At the same time, the attitude of people with disabilities to themselves and to their sexuality is changing for the better. If, until now, it was not legitimate to feel sexy, or we were some sort of strange bird when we flirted and expressed our sexual side - today we can be sexual and sexy in a more open and mainstream fashion, and then society doesn’t see it as such a strange thing. Personally, sexuality is an integral part of me. It’s the freedom and courage to love myself, exactly as I am. It’s my ability to accept my body as is and to be certain that my disability does not contradict my right and ability to be considered and to be sexy – not in my own eyes and not in the eyes of others. I totally and wholeheartedly believe that my disability does not contradict the most basic sexual desire I have, just as every other woman does, whether she has a disability or not, and my right and capability to express and enjoy it.

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