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Bar Dvir Rahamim

Artists' Greenhouse

Bar Dvir Rahamim

BFA and MFA graduate from Bezalel. Had solo exhibitions at Hansen House, Mazeh 9, HaChazit and Bezalel 7. Participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, including exhibitions at the Petach Tikva Museum, Central Gallery, Meshuna Gallery, The Lobby, Caprice Gallery and more. Dvir Rahamim’s oil on canvas works shift between painting and sculpture, emerging from the walls or the floor. The core of her work is a continuous dialogue between herself and the painting, which she perceives as a living organism that is constantly transforming, peeling and rotting, falling apart only to come together again. Rahamim’s painting practice is an act of research, studying the material and its qualities, layers and hidden stories. As she digs, buries, applies and investigates the medium and the pictorial/sculptural material, she produces sculptured-painted hybrid creations which expand through space, invading and embracing it simultaneously. Her inexhaustible process reveals an array of attempts and failures on the canvas, an overflow of materials, stains and lines which tumble and absorb one another in a multilayered process.

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