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Bezalel Ben-Chaim

Artists' Greenhouse

Bezalel Ben-Chaim

Holds a Bachelor of Design (B.Des) degree from Bezalel and an MFA from Hamidrasha. Had solo exhibitions at Bait Kandinof and The Lobby, and participated in group exhibitions at the Givon Art Forum, The Cube gallery, Binyamin Gallery and HaYarkon 19. Through photography, video art and printmaking, Ben-Chaim looks outwards to the place in which he lives, as well as inwards, towards his personal history and use of media. Ben-Chaim is drawn to the incomprehensible, the unclear, the enigmatic. He inspects his surroundings while dismantling his perception of reality and uncovering hidden dimensions within it. This action may be identified in this series of works, which employs long exposure to capture the rising and setting sun or the mysterious beauty of jute fabrics wrapped around Tel Aviv buildings. With a curious and astonished gaze, Ben-Chaim is stopped by physical and imaginary forces of nature and captures them as he stretches the boundaries of reality as well as those of his chosen medium.

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