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Eliya Cohen

Artists' Greenhouse

Eliya Cohen

BFA and MFA graduate from Bezalel, where she received a prize for excellence, a scholarship from the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation and attended a student exchange program at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Participated in group exhibitions at the Haifa Museum, the Biennale for Drawing, the Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios, Manofim, Gabirol, Central Gallery, Binyamin Gallery and Hanina Contemporary Art Gallery. Cohen is a multidisciplinary artist who employs various techniques including drawing, sculpture, video and photography. Her practice is mostly abstract but is in constant tension with the concrete, as her hybrid works combine found objects and painting to create surreal and fantastical spaces. At Fresh Paint, Cohen exhibits two bodies of work. The first engages with the notion of home while analyzing its various aspects – locality, stability, imprisonment and disconnection. The second relies on the uncanniness which rises from the fusion of the foreign and the familiar through the use of umbrellas that have been taken apart and reassembled. Cohen’s creative process begins as soon as she leaves her home and walks to her studio, as she is constantly collecting remains, materials and scenes which later come together in her work.

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