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Itzik Mor

Artists' Greenhouse

Itzik Mor

Graduate of Hadassah Academic College. Participated in group exhibitions at Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture, Indie Gallery, The Red House Shapira, Gabirol and more. Mor is a photographer who employs old-world photographic techniques, combining  darkroom manipulations and digital processes to bring the medium to the present times. His work is based on years-long traditions of analog photography and darkroom development as well as wood and metal frame production. In his work, he places objects in the studio and creates timeless, impossible encounters which he then captures through his lens. By producing sets and positioning objects, Mor seeks to construct a new physical space/landscape that blurs the lines between archaeology and collection, the cultural and the personal, dreams and reality. This is a world which is familiar yet new, earthly yet foreign, of this existence and beyond it.

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