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Kate Frizalis

Artists' Greenhouse

Kate Frizalis

BA and MA graduate from VGIK Moscow. Had solo exhibitions at Florentin Gallery and Kuli Alma and participated in group exhibitions at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Binyamin Gallery, Mazeh 9, and Saga. She also participated in La Culture events and created commissioned works for Mindspace, Facebook offices and Abraham Hostel TLV. Frizalis’s works deal with abstraction, movement and journey. She does not define her practice in order to avoid flattening and limiting the creative process. In order to preserve the essence of her practice, Frizalis seeks to create out of freedom, which is the driving force of her work. Freedom is the emptiness within which all possibilities for development exist. Her works are created as a stream of consciousness where transience, imperfection, absurdity, spontaneity and play exist as one. Frizalis gathers and weaves together remnants of sentences, directional signs, colors and shapes, bark, the scent of fruit, graffiti, language and relationships and mixes them into a delicate and colorful blend that inspires her.

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