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Maayan Fogel

Artists' Greenhouse

Maayan Fogel

A BFA graduate from Bezalel and several courses at the SESC Sao Paulo. Presented and initiated group exhibitions at cultural events in the city of araçatuba (province of Sao Paulo), and Sesc Uberaba (province of Minas Gerais). Participated in group exhibitions at Gate 3  Gallery, Beit Hanna, Beit HaTarbut Ein Hod and at the Tel Aviv Illustration Week. Studied with Anna Lukashevsky. Fogel illustrates, draws, and paints her journey. Encounters with people, landscapes, habitats, diverse cultures, moments, family, partnerships, motherhood, simplicity and everyday life are the stimulus of her work. Two years ago she returned to Haifa, her hometown, after several years of living in Brazil with a local partner. Life in Brazil and her love for its rich culture are her inspirations. Through her art, she deals with questions of belonging, exile, identity and foreignness. Fogel’s search is visual, an instrument through which she observes the complexities of reality and copes with them. Like the Brazilian Samba, which stems from simplicity and seeks beauty and joy in any place where sadness and pain exist, Fogel views the biographic engagement as a process of confession and discovery which provides healing and a sense of meaning and presence.

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