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Sagit Friedman-Hallel

Artists' Greenhouse

Sagit Friedman-Hallel

BA graduate in Art History and Geography from the Hebrew University and M.Sc  graduate in Urban and Regional  Planning from the Technion. She also graduated with a diploma from Studio Gavra and Camera Obscura. Participated in group exhibitions at the International Photography Festival and Valid Gallery in Barcelona. Has a forthcoming solo exhibition at the Petach Tikva Museum. The recipient of several distinction awards from multiple international photography competitions and a finalist of the Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography. Friedman - Hallel is engaged in serial staged photography, photographing portraits of characters and places. She creates out of a longing for a past in which she never lived, and in her photographs, she crafts worlds of her own making using old-fashioned aesthetics combined with contemporary ‘touches’. She engages with themes related to the erasure and blurring of identity.  Her series "Chosen" moves between several layers of time. Friedman – Hallel  chooses young women whose look seems fitting to the Renaissance, dresses and combs them in the spirit of the period and embeds their image into works of art which are hundreds of years old. This act combines different media, provides the women with an alternative identity, hence blurs the lines between model and human. The choices in this series run the gamut between alternative-modern and archaic, touching on moments in time while simultaneously confusing the space-time continuum.

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