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Shay Alfiya

Artists' Greenhouse

Shay Alfiya

HIT graduate. Had a solo exhibition at Beit Kandinof and participated in Milano’s Design Week. Alfiya is a multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the phenomenon of reflection. By applying ancient mirror production techniques, she places thin layers of noble metals on glass and creates reflective surfaces with different levels of opacity. At the end of the process, abstract stains emerge and reflect the space and the viewer in a distorted way. Her works touch on the subject of documentation in the history of art, linking together different times and media. After the mirroring surface is created, Alfiya places before it objects and scenes reminiscent of conventions and tactics for documenting reality, such as portraits or still life, and photographs them through the stains. Through this action, the reflective stains become abstract paintings that serve as real-time documents of what is occurring in front of them. Her practice seeks to challenge our representation and self-image in the "age of the selfie" and to expand the boundaries of visual and conceptual perception through reflection.

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