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Shmuel Goldstein

Artists' Greenhouse

Shmuel Goldstein

B.Ed.F.A graduate from HaMidrahsa. Had a solo exhibition at the Rishon LeZion Municipal Gallery and participated in group exhibitions at the Edmond de Rothschild Center, Beit Tami, Al Ha-Tsuk Gallery, Hotzot Gallery as well as the Zoom project at the Museum of Natural History. A recipient of an excellence award during his studies. Goldstein’s recent works have searched for moments of transition between binary contrasts (man/woman, interior/exterior, day/night, conscious/subconscious and more). These moments offer a new perspective of these opposites, perceived in the society in which he grew up as absolute and polarized, though, like twilight moments at sunset and sunrise, they actually imply the existence of a spectrum of colors, beauty and interest between one end and the other. In his paintings, Goldstein tries to work between abstraction and realism using his technical knowledge of oil painting: the work is done in thin, diluted layers on top of one another, which result in a color that is not always predictable. In sculpture he prefers to let the idea lead him to the material and technique. Once he encounters an interesting thought, he seeks out the material and form which will best depict the concept. This process allows him to work with a wide range of materials and techniques in sculpture, and in a variety of different styles in painting, and it requires him to always remain in a state of learning. The relationship between his exhibited works and those in his studio has two components: one is theme, which is expressed through a wide variety of materials, and the other is the aesthetic of the works, which points to an attraction to shimmering visuals, material seduction and a labor-intensive process.

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