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Tomer Netanel Levy

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Tomer Netanel Levy

Tomer Netanel Levy, Design-Artist & Founder of "TOMMMY", Furniture design studio, Based in Jaffa. Tomer's body of work examines design as a way of expression following an intuitive, narrative based creative process - focusing on the stories interwoven in the objects. In this current edition of the art fair, Tomer  will unveil an unlimited edition part of "JAFFA" collection, an ongoing research projects of the equivalent arc - A technological breakthrough in medieval construction and bold element in different architectural styles. The low seating set makes decorative use of the constructive form, emphasizing the contrast between the destroyed city remnants and light, comfortable, contemporary furniture that are formally and emotionally identified with the eternal spirit of Jaffa.


Instagram : @tommmydesign

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