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The man behind the mask Tzachi Nevo is the designer and creator of the unique modern wall decor brand Umasqu, since 2015. Nevo graduated from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, from the Industrial Design department. In 1990, after graduating, Nevo decided not to work as a designer and instead chose different positions in the advertising and web world.  Umasqu was founded when Nevo realized he misses the world of design. He found his inspiration in familiar images: human and animal faces, simplified to elemental shapes and forms. Nevo's Studio became a playground, where he can disassemble and reconstruct forms, combining cubism, modern design and steampunk to a colorful, stylish creation. Umasqu latest collection - Modern African is a contemporary homage to the great tradition of African masks.   Nevo works in a maker technology - his pieces are not one of a kind but at the same time are limited in quantity, since it’s important for him to create affordable art.


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