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David (Duchi) Cohen

Artists' Greenhouse

David (Duchi) Cohen

Born and raised in Ma'alot-Tarshiha, a graduate of the Pardes Art School. Art critic in Makor Rishon and Erev Rav, art section editor at Bnei Yeshivot Journal. Participated in the Jerusalem Design Week, the Jerusalem Biennale and a group show at Beit Mazya. Cohen’s works explore languages of commemoration, attempting to embody the actions we take to dismantle the greatest unknown in our lives: death and what it leaves in its wake. His other works touch on the tension between “Jewish” and “Israeli”, between tradition and innovation, between the political left and right and between the holy and the profane. Cohen works in a variety of media – woodworking, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation – while he engages in a dialogue with traditional Jewish art, archeology and history.

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