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Lee Nevo

Artists' Greenhouse

Lee Nevo

BFA graduate from Shenkar and currently an MFA student at Bezalel. Had solo exhibitions at the Cité des Arts Gallery in Paris, the Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art, the Artists’ Studios Tel Aviv and the city gallery in Ljubljana. Participated in group exhibitions at CCA Tel Aviv, The Lobby – Art Space, The Moscow International Biennale for Young Art and at galleries in Dusseldorf, Austria, Slovenia, Belgium, Paris, Hamburg and many more.  Nevo's practice shifts between different mediums such as installation, objects and sound. Her works question mechanisms of control and examine their effect on one's physical and mental structure, by employing cultural and religious elements as her raw materials. Nevo often uses ready-made substances which enables her to highlight the subversive nature of the seemingly innocent matter and reveal its sabotage potential. Her work provokes a dialogue around the body, power dynamics, urges and the actions that result from them. At the fair, Nevo presents a new body of work created especially for the occasion. The sculptural elements at the project’s center are a series of Zip Guns, improvised firearms known for their unskilled and non-industrial production which are used primarily in guerrilla actions and are built from common, everyday materials.

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