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Niv Fridman

Artists' Greenhouse

Niv Fridman

BFA graduate from Bezalel. Showed his works at The New Gallery Artists' Studios Teddy, the Hecht Museum, The Israel Museum the and Cuckoo's Nest and presented his video works at the Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival, and the Beer Sheva Short Film Festival. He is the winner of multiple academic excellence awards, photography and music video competitions and the ARTiq scholarship. In his works, Fridman explores the lives of various figures from history such as a zoologist, an Arab poet, an escort boy or a servant. Fridman’s artistic practice combines meticulous historical research with the artistic freedom to weave imaginary stories and to plant/reveal gay and queer motifs hidden beneath the surface. In the works there is a reference to the concept of disguise, as Fridman himself embodies the historical figures that he so carefully researched as well as creates their details at every stage of the process, from sewing the costumes to writing the texts, editing and post production. Fridman’s action of disguise sheds new light on archival documents and raises questions about the heterosexual point of view and the manner in which it shapes history. His works challenge the accepted differentiations between truth and fiction, past and present, reality and imagination.

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