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Noga Farchy

Artists' Greenhouse

Noga Farchy

BFA graduate from Bezalel. Participated in group exhibitions at Raw Art Gallery, Barbur Art Gallery, Beit Alliance and the Zoom Project at the Museum of Natural History. She is the recipient of the Aileen S. Cooper Prize and an academic excellence award. Farchy is interested in sensory, sensual states, in the body and its testimonials, depletion and abstraction. Her works focus on the surface level – skins which are flayed, spread and flattened. Through these actions she seeks to present the body in its absence. Using peels, leftovers and slough she wishes to generate for the viewer a figurative and materialistic resonance in the world. Her process aims to reveal the mysterious and unknown. Her works stem from visions, imaginations and dreams which express an ambivalent view of reality, which may appear to be a constant presence on the surface level but is also perpetually twisting. By moving towards it and away, Farchy attempts to sample information, dip her hands in water and retrieve a testimony.

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