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Rachel Frumkin

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Rachel Frumkin

BFA and MFA graduate from Bezalel. Had a solo exhibition at Balcont Gallery and participated in group exhibitions at the Givon Art Forum, Azrieli Gallery, The Fridge, Atelier Shemi, Kupferman Collection and Zuzu gallery. A recipient of the Aileen S. Cooper Prize and the Rabinovich Foundation Award. Frumkin creates art using painting, installation and cutting. For her, painting is a response to the visual flood around her as it enables a slow creation of an image. She draws from the imagination and sketches constantly before she transfers her sketches to the canvas by “blowing them up”, a process which preserves something of the ephemerality and intimacy of the sketchbook. Frumkin creates an atemporal space – a Non Place – and her purpose is to change the observer’s view of the painting, to tame the gaze. The drawing that became a painting lost something along the way; the free line, its sharpness and graphic quality. In her search for an immediacy of line, Frumkin turned to papercuts, where the expression is in the cut while color, material and time become inconsequential. Through her work with paper cutting, Frumkin discovered light, which enters through the cuts and becomes another material in the work. The same process was prevalent when she began to work with PVC. Detracting from the material in order to create a print, she realized that in the subtraction she exposed a lighter, "bright" layer, causing her to stop the process before printing. The cutting technique itself opened up a new way for her to create an image using light.

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