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Lihi Nidiz

Artists' Greenhouse

Lihi Nidiz

BFA and MFA graduate from Bezalel. Participated in group exhibitions at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art, the Jerusalem Artists’ House, Barbur Art Gallery, Bazel Gallery, the Red House Shapira, Start Gallery, BYU Jerusalem and more. Nidiz’s first creative motivation is to disrupt the familiar in order to provide the viewer with a new experience of what is already known. She aims to generate emotions in the causal observer, who is confronted by a work of art that banishes the mundane and shifts one’s focus from the anxieties of “here” to the examination of “there”. Line, faith, strength, emotion, exploration and subversion are key words in her oeuvre. Her work often includes text, based on her belief that words have the power to change the world. Nidiz often creates drawings in preparation for her sculptures, objects and installations. Her new body of work, exhibited for the first time, is a kind of symbolic self-portrait, created through drawings which depict nocturnal, romantic or prosaic situations. 

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