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Lital Rubinstein

Artists' Greenhouse

Lital Rubinstein

BFA graduate from Shenkar. Participated in group exhibitions at Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture, Hanina Contemporary Art Gallery, Beit Hair Museum and at the Culture & Art Gallery in Hamburg. A recipient of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation Award and multiple excellence awards during her studies. Rubinstein’s works deal with domination and loss of control, the paradox between our desire to control everything and our inability to control almost anything. In her practice, she investigates notions of the human soul and manifests them through mechanical apparatuses. Her works highlight the tension between the emotional, chaotic, human world and the seemingly well-organized machine, which functions under order and control. A significant part of her work is the creation of kinetic sculptures or objects which hold the potential of movement. Her artworks attempt to trace varied, uncontrollable reactions which were ingrained in us, mentally and physically, such as defensive denial or the “fight or flight” instinct, as well as coping mechanisms such as superstitions or prophetic objects and omens. Other works focus on vulnerability as a common human characteristic, inviting the viewer to contemplate and observe rather than attempt to overcome.

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