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Hadas Golan

Artists' Greenhouse

Hadas Golan

BFA and MA graduate from Bezalel. Had a solo exhibition at the Artists' Studios in Jerusalem and participated in group exhibitions at the Israel Museum, the Cube Gallery, HaMiffal, Hamidrasha, the Red House Shapira, and at Tel Aviv White Night (Laila Lavan). Working with soft, supposedly ‘naïve’ materials – textiles, felt, acrylic fiber and oil pastels – Golan creates hybrid bodies which raise questions about sex, sexuality, gender, femininity, family and the body, as well as material, color and form. By utilizing humor and simple, approachable aesthetics, she brings to life heart-rending soft sculptures with which she deals with themes such as religion and a sense of belonging or displacement. Her paintings depict night lighting and darkness, evoking roads that lead nowhere and flickering lights which flash out in the darkness.

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