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Natalie Feldesman

Artists' Greenhouse

Natalie Feldesman

BFA graduate from Bezalel and a diploma recipient from HaMidrasha. Had solo exhibitions at Gabirol and Beit Kandinof. Participated in group exhibitions at Gabirol, Meshuna Gallery, the Red House Shapira, Balcont, Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art & Culture, the Artists’ Studios and events such as Nightlight TLV, Night at the Tel aviv Museum, Jerusalem Design Week and many more. She is the recipient of the Rabinovich Foundation Award and a studio scholarship at the ‘Gabirol Artists House’ from the City of Tel Aviv and BIT.  Feldesman’s work focuses on creating spaces and places in which there is no narrative sequence, where encounters of the past, present and future take place in unison. She searches for a spectrum of these realities, for the axis between a primeval, intuitive consciousness and the logical perception of contemporary life. Feldesman thinks about what we leave for future generations, which fossils will be found and what will be thought of us. She observes habits of consumption and violence, the relationship between humankind nature and technology, between light and sound, ancient and futuristic, real and virtual. The materials she uses are simple, cheap, and mundane, and she puts them together with light and video. In the series “Mouth of the Mountain” Feldesman creates multiple layers using papier-mâché, paint and plaster onto wood, inspired by primitive art and ancient archeology creating archetypal images which communicate with dreams, history and everyday life. 

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